Rather than fix the stitch, he just covered it with pretty knit flowers, embellishments and distractions…eventually holding only threads in his hands saying, “It was probably the pattern’s fault….”. He is and always will be a HE thanks to that pesky DNA. Its easy for my ‘privileged self’ (although I did grow up below the poverty line) to become discouraged and overwhelmed by their hideous rancor. Decimals are important. Did reality hit them? History class — for American history past 1960 — please. Of Eros and of dust, The ban includes patterns and posts on the website’s forums and groups, but does not include conservative views in general, according to the statement. Does anyone even care? Stay safe from the storm, Carrie. First thought I had when I learned about Casey, now Cassidy, is that his twitter was hacked. It’s all volunteers, no real people there. So none of them are categorized. Had nothing to do with their victim status, it had everything to do with their personality. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Not like Ravelry, where if you asked for help you would only get abuse, if they got back to you at all. 0 Beziehungen. Ravelry is the single greatest thing to happen to yarnies since the invention of the spinning wheel … It is just that awesome.” Ravelry claims to have eight million users. Is bummer. Read a fucking book and talk to trans people rather than bragging that because you’ve met some that you like, you can speak on the experience. I deleted my ravelry account as soon as I saw that I was still welcome there as long as I kept my mouth shut no matter what anyone else said. They went, “SPLAT!” against the concrete bottom. Ravelry is now banning patterns that promote the work of writer Jordan Peterson. Same goes for ‘ol Casey. I’ve noticed a number of new knitting apps are out there, so it’s only a matter of time before a really good (hopefully free) app comes along. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Jessica Forbes, self-dubbed "Mama Rav," Casey's wife and Ravelry's co-founder, grew up in Hunterdon County, one of the wealthiest counties in the United States, in a town that has a one percent African American population. The KKK was/is politically aligned with the Democrat Party and Democrats (particularly President Johnson) opposed Republicans as Republicans pushed the 13th, 14th, & 15th amendments. Casey Forbes Ravelry. Very well and entertainly written! Many Northerners, disgusted by Klan violence, lent their support to the Fifteenth Amendment, which gave the vote to black men in every state, and the First Reconstruction Act of 1867, which placed harsher restrictions on the South and closely regulated the formation of their new governments.”, Bye! The left hides their hatred with woke abbreviations and identity politics. You can read her announcement here.) I asked for technical help on Lovecrafts, and within the day someone got back to me and actually helped me. ... Ravelry was founded by husband-and-wife team Casey and Jessica Forbes in 2007. He. You may have to click on any adds that get through and block individual ones, but they won’t come back. I’d say they took a pretty good hit. If I were to self-identify as a unicorn, I will never, ever, in a million years, be a unicorn. Correction, that’s 3.2 million, not 32 million, and that’s assuming they would receive an asking price. LoveCrafts is wonderful! I’m reminded of the avalanche that descended on Sockmatician and the damage he personally suffered. It says: You expect this sort of behavior from people who convince themselves they’ve never done anything wrong and the only reason people dislike them is because of their victim status. I did think initially they were just misguided young people making bad business decisions based on their woke-ness…..but now, I don’t know, maybe they just were/are spinning out of control. gentle correction – no. WHEN in the course of human Events, it becomes necessary…. Do you know if the Lovecrafts app works for people who already deleted their accounts? "We cannot provide a space that is inclusive of all and also allow support for open white supremacy. Real World Address for Donations, Mash Notes and Hate Mail. Second, to spew accusations that she is playing the victim and saying this was some sort of business move is uncalled for. We are made up of millions of yarn lovers from all over the world. Ravelry, which was founded in 2007 by married couple Jessica and Casey Forbes, has more than 8 million members. You can look up the statistics yourself using traffic count sites on the web. bright wings. I just somehow feel for your own good, you’d be in better company hanging out with us rather than someone telling you that you’re right all the time. Casey and Jessica Forbes Tags knitting, crafts, donald trump, forbes, weaving, women, politics Additional References Wikipedia About. Users. Ravelry claims to have eight million users. So where the f___ does he get off on calling people he doesn’t even know white supremacists or racists? I’m sorry, but Casey Forbes knows nothing about inclusion if he only allows content that supports his viewpoint. My advice to Casey Forbes is to get out of your head, out of your bubble, out of your echo chamber, out of your circle of friends. These same a** holes converted my beautiful first wife into a leftist in the mid sixties while she attended SF State University. Every single corporation in the world that makes or generates a product wishes to sell it. The KKK and supremacists, etc have never tried to hide. For those who value free speech and an open dialogue but depend on the online community for sales to feed their families, they’ve got a tough road. Casey Forbes is from New Hampshire, a state that also has a one percent African American population. Ravelry's webpage indicates that Ravelry's staff are I haven’t been to ravelry since I deleted my account nearly a year ago. I used to have a yarn/pattern business and I’m glad I got out before this happened. Casey is just a jerk. No one will DARE criticize you.”. Please, no. He doesn't want to get rid of politics on ravelry. Then you have to sort through each one individually so you don’t have a giant mass of unorganized patterns sitting there. Thanks. I deleted my Ravelry account. Change ). She told me a few years back how big the Ravelry world was online and it is massive. Knitting, Podcasts. Ravelry is a place for knitters, crocheters, designers, spinners, weavers and dyers to keep track of their yarn, tools, project and pattern information, and look to others for ideas and inspiration. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Cassidy came after her when she said sales were down on Ravelry due to the accessibility issues with the site, and Cassidy called her out and basically called her a liar. It would be responsible for thousands of deaths, and would help to weaken the political power of Southern blacks and Republicans. Because the Holy Ghost over the bent World broods with warm breast and with ah! Their idea was to create a web presence for all fiber artists. Yes. B U M M E R!!!111!!!!! Is this the reason for the June announcement? I cannot say enough good about their customer service, sale prices, and even their low cost shipping. then I read the jubilant posts from all his friends. My wife is pretty upset about it. For commenting about the actual money Casey posted publicly, for commenting that volunteers are not paid. Episode 54 – Ravelry Founders Jessica & Casey. Livelihoods have been threatened. August 28, 2019 at 8:10 am Holy suck a dick, bat man! It’s not a very kind or sane thing to be. So when I am discouraged, I remind myself I can be a part of something important by ignoring the hatred and focusing on being a more loving and understanding person-which is what I read in your blog posts which are rooted in understanding and kindness. They have separate apps for crochet and knitting. ☺️ I'm doing really well and my family is doing well too Yarn friends – I am looking forward to seeing lots of you at Rhinebeck! Today the husband of the co-founding team that created Ravelry, Casey Forbes, announced that he was….”trans.”, Ok. Whose buildings grope the sky: I just checked. You might find a pleasure in volleyed banter. Friends, I'm trans. And Casey Forbes knew it. I am glad you have words when I can’t even wrap my brain around this bit if news. Beleaguered by the same Consider how quickly doctors and nurses, confronted with Hurricane Katrina, started talking about euthanasia. It’s obvious Ravelry isn’t avoiding politics or political patterns, as long as those patterns promote one political side. ... — Cassidy Forbes (@caseyf) August 26, 2019 I would like to think I would have done the same if it was my opinion being reinforced by squelching others. Co-founder of Originally founded as a social club for former Confederate soldiers, the Klan evolved into a terrorist organization. One YouTube video alleges that Forbes exposed the identity of a Ravelry member who wanted to remain anonymous. As for not knowing what is in people’s heads, this started then he decides he knew what was in the heads of trump voters. Either way, big flop. Folks that I have gone to festivals with and shared housing with and had virtual knit nights with have blocked me simply because I disagree with Rav’s censorship and labeling. As of today Ravelry has over 9 million members. So I stumbled upon this blog post, and I just wanna say…According to this website, Ravelry is worth $32 million. The man-bashing anti-male talk; the nose in the air show and tell; the vicious gossip and exclusion of new people into their gnostic confabs… ugh. The ban includes patterns and posts on the website’s forums and groups, but does not include conservative views in general, according to the statement. I’ve been tracking a few and they have a sharp $ purchasing decline. For. Ravelry is somewhat like the Amazon of the knitting world, with a side of social media. – PET A CAT Whatever is going on with them, they surely hurt a lot of people, destroyed businesses, wrecked a successful commercial site……..Yikes. “O Magnum Mysterium:” The Persistence of Sacred Beauty, Interlude: The Allman Brothers Flow Into the Mystic, The Nation’s Pants Are the Next Super-Spreader. Everybody else? Thanks for your bravery in writing your truth in the face of what must be tremendous pressure to ‘get in line.’ Not many have been able to withstand that pressure. Cassidy has 6 jobs listed on their profile. The website allows its 8.5 million members to post patterns, notes, and communicate via forums. It was an abusive and toxic place. I used to belong to a knitting group at a local yarn store. Casey Forbes is the biggest flub in knitting history because he had the biggest, prettiest, most perfectly stitched sweater ever, comforting everyone, inspiring many. They didn’t have to make it the first thing you see when you go to their site. It was the only conservative group on ravelry that was really vibrant and popular. And the woman said, the serpent beguiled me…. Support of the Trump administration is undeniably support for white supremacy … Note that support of President Trump or his administration … all constitute hate speech.” Forbes’ announcement hit national media. I can’t believe that during the current pandemic that anyone REALLY gives two craps about Ravelry’s decision anymore. I’ve always been proud when Cassidy said she would keep Ravelry privately owned so it would remain the site we all love, but that means a lot of work and there have been times when she had clearly had enough of people’s shenanigans. Now I’ve got to put the surviving parts back together with tweezers and other ‘shabby equipment, always deteriorating’.”. It wasn’t enough he created the first knitting community, but he also killed it! Claim the highest totem on the victim pole. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Free. The biggest knitting community in the history of the world just belly flopped into a swimming pool devoid of water. No, their stomach acid overwhelms what used to be their brains. I put up with a lot of the “in your face” crap. It is also pretty clear that Casey looked in a mirror and saw the face of a white man and hated himself, so he had to reinvent himself into that which he saw as ‘special’. Go sit by yourself and ask as you demand trans status to avoid the slings and arrows, “Is this really the right thing to do?”. All other points in this article aside, the phrase ‘There is nothing brave about being trans’ is one of the most ignorant, arrogant and uneducated things I’ve heard in a long time. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, mainstream media, academia, and now Ravelry are redefining community. It might also be possible to add your own PDFs to the app. Further, Forbes equated support for Trump with white supremacy. A project album, yarn stash album/inventory, needle inventory — everything a knitter/crocheter might want for personal organization. In 2012, Ravelry co-founder Cassidy (formerly Casey) Forbes wrote this post detailing where their revenue comes from and, in this recent Twitter post, she updated that same info using numbers from 2018. “We cannot provide a space that is inclusive of all and also allow support for open white supremacy. He’s not a woman. In my opinion, Cassidy appears to be coming quite unhinged over the issues with Ravelry’s accessibility. I don’t care about anyone’s orientation, religious/non-religious beliefs, childbearing status, bank balance….. May I, composed like them An article published in 2008, a year after its founding, reported that “Ravelry is an online community for knitters, crocheters, spinners, dyers, weavers, pattern designers, and all other manner of fiber artists … It is a personal organization tool, a yarn and pattern database, and an online community … Ravelry is the single greatest thing to happen to yarnies since the invention of the spinning wheel … It is just that awesome.” Ravelry claims to have eight million users. And as he would not even afford me the respect to be able to speak my mind without silencing me for pointing out the grave errors of his ways, nor would he answer my query about how anything I said violated his site rules or policies, I decline to play along with the pronoun switch. In outright defiance of the Republican-led federal government, Southern Democrats formed organizations that violently intimidated blacks and Republicans who tried to win political power. Da diese Personengruppen bekanntlich gerne unter sich sind und viel zu erzählen haben ;), wuchs Ravelry rasant an und etablierte sich auch außerhalb Nordamerikas. Gentle correction – the KKK and white supremacists have always been on the left. No, I don’t dislike you because you are (fill in group name), I dislike you because you’re an A-hole. In my experience, they are polite and professional and answer questions without accusing anyone of being a monster. View Cassidy Forbes’ profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Users can share ideas, work, materials or pieces that can be purchased through the site's marketplace. I found a tweet that is both terribly depressing and yet explains everything, and I realize that the ownership of Ravelry have bigger problems than the fact that they aren't inclusive or honest at all. History. – STAND UP STRAIGHT Having known many trans people over the years and wept with them through their struggles with self identity and social acceptance, I too, was angered by Casey choosing that particular identity to ‘try on’. His work is not well-regarded by other neuroscientists. Ravelry’s equation of Trump support with white supremacy is a controversial move, even for supporters of the ban. LOL!! Casey Forbes is from New Hampshire, a state that also has a one percent African American population. The love bombing and clever marketing will suck you in as effectively as any cult. If I could tell Casey Forbes and his wife anything? Jordon Peterson says roughly paraphrased- that the key to the prevention of the horrors of the 20th century is the reconstruction of the soul at the level of each individual. Ravelry is a social network for specifically for the fiber arts knitting, weaving, crocheting and more. Cassidy has since deleted her account on Twitter. Now, we have the latest announcement. I tried to stick up for ( will get the name wrong ) sockalicious and got called all manner of stuff, white, virtual signalling, goodness knows what else, wasn’t aware that it was a sin to be white, and actually no one actually knew my skin colour anyway….. Even if you have actually never ever thought about being a marketer before, you can find out “the advertisement biz” faster than probably any other approach of electronic marketing that’s available. @Betsy Baird, Ravelry didn’t serve us well at all. He doesn't want to get rid of politics on ravelry. On Sunday, June 23, 2019, Casey Forbes, Ravelry’s developer, owner, and administrator, released a statement forbidding users to post in support of Donald Trump. Re: The Decline of the West — China has finished building the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST), the world’s largest single-aperture telescope. In the group that rejects Forbes’ policy, in my first post, I plainly identified myself as someone who is not a Trump fan…. Most of the revenue taken in by Ravelry comes from adds. I think they don’t much have to worry about some Trumpers leaving. I’m 62, I read a lot and I am constantly stunned by the rabid hatred of the left. Seems straightforward? There are just SO many people who just CAN’T “live and let live”. Stephen Colbert, oozing smug, oily, self-satisfied superiority, unquestioningly accepted and gave national attention to the demonization of all Trump voters as white supremacists. Ravelry is a community site, an organizational tool, and a yarn & pattern database for knitters and crocheters. “Ok. Second, stop with the SJW I have more virtues than you because I’m on the “right” side of history right now………just wait until you get eaten by him too! He keeps the data and has in some cases reinstated designer’s pages without their knowledge after they deleted their accounts. By that evening I was Ravelry free. Then Sunday morning I read the illogical policy change. Finally, be respectful of people’s pronouns. Not good!! They are symptoms of the disease of hatred that is destroying our society. APT 379 Both frightening and slapstick elements combine in this ridiculous nightmare. I’m so sorry politics got involved. After the Web site Ravelry got a cease-and-desist order from the Olympic Committee for its Ravelympics, the social-networking knitterati brought out the javelins. Exchange their messages: “From a student radical/hippie/leftist of the Free Speech Movement/Vietnam Day Commitee era and a full-on Democratic Liberal in the decades after, I think I’ve evolved a politics that is neither right nor left but is, in its elemental nature, draconian. Now, what do you think costs a lot more for that company? In terms of “oozing smug, oily, self-satisfied superiority,” it’s hard to beat that photo of the 6 latter-day Madame Defarges congratulating themselves on their new pussy hats. It’s horrifying what’s happening, and how the hateful woke are fomenting a cultural revolution a la Mao. Gerard Van der Leun The romantic lie in the brain Sounds basic? But their mental illness prevents them from realizing that they are useful idiots used by the dark forces of fascist leaning politicians but rather that they see themselves as normal and everyone else out of step. Was hoping there’d be a presence there to continue supporting. The leftists are masters of disguise to a naive country folk. “At the time of Ulysses S. Grant’s election to the presidency, white supremacists were conducting a reign of terror throughout the South. I feel bad for the guy, I really do. Check this out… look at the virtual nosedive in July 2019. I feel so bad for businesses trying to navigate through these rough waters. Hunger allows no choice It … First he was given some bad business advice. “You might end up really liking us because we disagree with you. Books. McCall – Convoy “Callin’ all trucks This here’s the Duck We about to go a huntin’ bear”, Previous post: “Oh, you wanna hear the news? – BE PRECISE IN SPEECH To undo the folded lie, I wasn’t even asked who I voted for (what a shock!). Unionpedia ist ein Konzept Karte oder semantische Netzwerk organisiert wie ein Lexikon oder Wörterbuch. All you require is a great product to offer, someone to pay you to sell it, as well as a place to place your ads. Fast forward a year later. In attempting to understand this bizarre story, I read hundreds of internet posts, and watched many YouTube videos, by those who support, and who reject, Forbes’ new policy. (Screenshot via Ravelry) What that PC mumbo-jumbo has to do with knitting is anyone’s guess. You can find patterns for sale and destashed yarn. That very fact alone, the fact that they are lying to exploit specific voting blocs, makes this tactic deplorable and heinous. ( Log Out /  It’s simple logic. The website allows its 8.5 million members to post patterns, notes, and communicate via forums. I have all ideas Ravelry took a nose dive.*/*. Ravelry, a community site ... Ravelry was founded in 2007 by Jessica and Casey Forbes in a “tiny apartment in Boston,” a post on the site’s Instagram states. For commenting about the trolls Ravelry protects and who spew real threats. Inside of 10 years Ravelry has turned the knitting industry on… Read Article → Search. He had 8 million followers, his website was the biggest on the planet when it came to knitting. Further, Forbes equated support for Trump with white supremacy. Along with deleting my account I felt obliged to contact friends and family that I had encouraged to join ravelry and let them know what was going on. Next post: Boomer Anthems: C.W. Mein erster Tipp ist Ravelry. Many, many names pop immediately to mind. Show an affirming flame. If it weren’t for the Designers, R would be just another website to visit. I have met many Trans people I loved because of their authenticity and hated countless others because they were just A-holes. He just wanted to get rid of us, I guess! How the site came about and what its “owners” did in their twisted minds is covered brilliantly in — Inside the Twisted Ravelry Controversy |. Too easy. Ravelry Casey Forbes As we’ll see later, the No. Apparently some indie sellers and Ravelry were trying to bully the bigger businesses like … Well, here’s the news.”, The Day We Killed John Lennon (Born 9 October 1940 – Assassinated 8 December 1980). Casey Forbes; photo by Jessica. I’m a capitalist. She did literally nothing to those people. Over 1200 pattern PDFs from Ravelry have been saved to that website. In retrospect, I think the Forbes’ were spinning out of control all year. It functions as an organizational tool for a variety of fiber arts, including knitting, crocheting, spinning, and weaving.Members share projects, ideas, and their collection of yarn, fiber, and tools via various components of the site. I don’t want to see anyone fail. Tim: What is Ravelry? This behavior is revolting. I stopped going after a few months. A day later, Casey / Cassidy & Jess Forbes the ‘owners’ of Ravelry went above and beyond their anti-Trump tirade and took down another of my knitting designs which expressed aphorisms espoused by Canadian clinical psychologist, Dr. Jordan Peterson - common, age-old, ‘wisdoms’. He didn’t vote in the US because he is Canadian. The rules of civil society are being rewritten. If many of your users leave, and you lock down signups, your numbers MUST go down. Casey Forbes is the biggest flub in knitting history because he had the biggest, prettiest, most perfectly stitched sweater ever, comforting everyone, inspiring many. qwuertism, the only issue with the LoveCrafts app is it bulk transfers the patterns. This man probably realized that he was important, fell into some “white knight” mode and decided he was going to save this knitting community….by burning it down. Die Community wurde 2007 vom Ehepaar Casey und Jessica Forbes gegründet und zwar ganz ohne Gewinnabsichten und so ist es bis heute geblieben. You are not in her mind. I would ask these liberals to give me an explicit quote of white supremacy by DJT. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. But, there is a mighty courage in admitting that you’re wrong. Will let my friends know. The editor tried to say (as I recall) people stargaze for many reasons and we support all comers, but, between the lines, I sensed they’d never make that “mistake” again. I usually get mine within a week or so. So that had to die a hideous death in the name of "fairness". Negation and despair, There will be a lot of precious bodily fluids spilled one of these days, and certain members of the gene pool will no longer be able to continue wasting our oxygen. And for God’s sake, PLEASE don’t post on social media pictures of you dressed in a frock). But, we’ll never know until you sit with us….”. Laut Gründer Casey Forbes könnte Ravelry bei weit über 180 Millionen Pageviews im Monat viel mehr abkassieren. I feel sorry for the designers who were hurt by Casey’s poor business decisions. I want us all to succeed….that is, if you at least TRY. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Doch der Stil der Werbung und das genau passende Thema stünden im Vordergrund.,, Casey Forbes Ravelry. The race card is a childish “argument” played when you have nothing to support your views/biases, but it works because it touches a cord with the certain low information voters. That someone like Ms Forbes participates in it is probably simply explained by the classic and so accurate phrase attributed to Lenin; “useful idiots”. Does anybody REALLY know? Hey all! Wow, I am very sad to see such negative comments about a web site that has served us all so well for so long. I logged in to Ravelry on 6/23 because I was trying to look at some knitting. Let them perish.” Now it seems he’s being given some really bad crisis management advice. Flash out wherever the Just She? I kinda chuckle. @vivianlouise I don’t know if you can import files from a deleted account. Ravelry accused the conservative crafters of a “culture of anger and “us versus them” stance. The Ravelry brand has now become, “We are a community of victims.” (Of not their race, gender, or sexual orientation, but victims by the choices they made). @Keturah , I agree. Casey is a Communist. Another good resource is the Wayback Machine. – TELL THE TRUTH People are fed up with the Orwellian, Stalinist, Sci-Fi-level policies by these pimply-faced geeks of the interwebs. Then he dropped a stitch and the whole front came unraveling. Appreciate your writing very much! And Ravelry will let you take your patterns with you. Well, here’s the news.”. I have no idea if these allegations are true – Ravelry is not accepting new members. In 2019, the site received national attention for banning support of United States President Donald Trump.