They are thinner than other types of curtain rods and are also quite decorative. You can purchase a single curtain rod or double rods that allow you to hang a layer of sheers beneath privacy curtains. Want to save up to 30% on your monthly bills? Another option are cafe sash-rods. This tool helps you do just that. You can find them in many different finishes, with accents that will fit any theme or decor you have. The rods are visible only when you open the curtains (the hooks of the drapery are inserted into sliding holders). If you’re looking for something more decorative and yet still easy … Curtains use different types of curtain hooks depending on the type of curtain or and the type of rod on which it hangs. It’s usually best to choose your curtains before you purchase curtain rods. Although it was a little bit more expensive to buy this than a regular shower curtain rod, I think it was well worth the extra money. Magnetic rods. Caf� Rods are decorative curtain rods. One-way traverse rods are mainly used when you have drapes or blinds that can only be moved in one direction. They are easy to open and close for privacy and to either open to let the light in, or close to keep out the sun. I would like to purchase a curtain rod that will extend through out the windows and sliding door but don’t know where to buy it. Ready-made conventional rods often come as part of a set with matching wall brackets, finials and rings. Like spring-rods, magnetic rods hold themselves in place. Spring-rods are the easiest of all types to install, and installation does not require any special type of hardware. Curtain Rod sale $23.99. Like sash-rods, they are meant to be used with curtains that start slightly above the window and end slightly below it. The types of curtain rods listed below can be custom bent or curved to fit almost any type of window configuration. H.VERSAILTEX Magnetic Curtain Rods for Metal Doors Top and Bottom Set of 2 Multi-Use Adjustable Appliances for Iron and Steel Place, Petite Ball Ends, 16 to 28 Inch, 1/2 Inch Diameter, Cocoa. Double Curtain Rods: This type of hanging curtain rods consists of two parallel … A decorative curtain rod with a simple curtain panel can make a nice statement in any room. Made from enamel-coated metal, the flat profile of the continental rod remains completely concealed beneath gathered and shirred curtain headers. Learn where and how to use traverse drapery rods. Find Side curtain rod curtain rods at Lowe's today. I really like the look of some of the newer contemporary curtain rods. The curtain swings back and forth over the window opening. Cafe rods are usually brass, are small in diameter and are often round or fluted. The I-Beam curtain rod is an aluminum rod used for any kind of pleated curtains. Tab Top Curtain Styles: This curtain style is called tab top as its top is rolled … Making Adjustments for Special Features Measure for tie-backs. Traverse rods feature either one-way or two-way open and close with the pull of a cord or the click of a remote. From wood to metal the sheer variety of curtain rods will surprise you. A rod is key to hanging most types of standard curtains and draperies. Do a search online for companies or find one at a local custom curtain hardware company. Continental rods are perfect for rod pocket curtains, valances and balloon shades. They're inexpensive and great for narrow and small windows, respectively. These curtain rods are more expensive than spring-rods and require a metal windowsill in order to work. These types of rods work well with tie-tab or hand drawn curtains. As such, spring-rods mount directly to the sill of the window or to the molding or trim around it. The Types of Curtain to Pair with the Rod Once you are done with the installation of the rod and brackets, the next thing you must think about is the curtain. Curtain Rod sale $31.99 - $35.99. Cafe Rods. What are Different Types of Window Screens. We make choosing the correct hardware easy. In addition, they can be made from wood, vinyl, or metal. Get the right length curtain rod for your window. $39.99. Swing arm rods are great for french doors or narrow windows. Curtain rods run the gamut of styles and prices from inexpensive expansion rods to custom length decorative poles. She loves sharing design trends, decor ideas, and useful tips with her readers. Pleated panels are a classic style of drapery and so never really … Depending on the length, color, and weight of the curtains you might go with a thick rod, a thin rod or one with a particular color or finish. Pleated Panels. Specialty manufacturers make custom curtain rods based on the client’s exact specifications. Buy top selling products like Wamsutta® Collective Asher Cotton Chambray Grommet Blackout Window Curtain Panel and Payton 2-Pack Grommet Window Curtain Panels. Rather, craftsmanship plays a large role in the durability and … Some homeowners who do not have a metal windowsill choose to glue magnetic rods in place instead. For curtains that require drawing back and forth across a wide expanse of windows use traverse rods. The I-Beam rod looks much better than if you were to use two decorative rods and it costs less. These type of rods should only be used with lightweight curtains. Depending on your situation you can use different types of curtain rods to fit your needs for faster installment, better ease of use, or alternative design. Question: I have new curtains hanging from rings but I want the curtains to slide easily on the rod. Continental curtain rods are the unsung heroes of the curtain world. $18.99 $ 18. They are easily identifiable in that they attach to only one side of a window and operate on a hinge. Rod Desyne 1" Rod Socket sale $34.79. Umbra 245973-104-REM Cappa Curtain Rod, Includes 2 Matching Finials, Brackets & Hardware, 36 to 66-inches, Brass 4.7 out of … Retailers offer conventional wooden poles in standard lengths as well as adjustable metal rods. Linda is a seasoned writer and home-decorating authority. Some were old fashioned runners and others were on poles. Consider using the curtains onto a track. Wikibuy Review: A Free Tool That Saves You Time and Money, 15 Creative Ways to Save Money That Actually Work. The rod or arm slides into a bracket mounted to the wall. Single Curtain Rods One of the most popular types of curtain rods, single curtain rods feature one mounted bar that rests at the top of your window frame threaded through curtain rings, grommets or pockets of your drapers in order to stay in place. Choose curtain rods based on the size and shape of your windows, the drapery fabric, your personal style and how you want your curtains to hang. Commonly used with pinch-pleated curtains or sheers outfitted with drapery pins traverse rods consist of a metal track with carriers. $57.99. They add so much more than a regular white, metal rod.