You can follow him on Twitter for much more drink content. In short, this tastes just about how I always imagined that “sugarplums” would while reading “The Night Before Christmas.” It’s caramel is of a darker, more intense variety; molasses-like, but really it’s the added intensity of the spicing that stands out, along with a somewhat more prominent booze note. Please input the URL directly to the vendor page with the rum for sale and we will automatically show it on RumRatings. from We don’t necessarily review a lot of spiced rum, here at Paste. Pretty sweet for how harsh it is. A good value rum. United States Unique bottle and label design for sure. Some producers use this sugar cane juice as the base of their rum while others boil the juice further to create either a cane syrup or molasses. With Coke: While tasting the two side by side, it occurred to me that my job wasn’t really done until I’d tasted the two with Coke, so I went out to grab a few cans and make that happen. by 2 years ago © 2020 Paste Media Group. (15 ratings) Benson is a published author, now with writers'-block, making scant progress on a book about the slave trade, eking an existence in a troubled Liverpool. The aroma suggests allspice and sarsaparilla, and the palate is fleetingly sweet, with dusty notes of nutmeg, allspice and vanilla bean. 1 1/2 Oz. This category includes a wide variety of drinks based on rum. Posted Review: Sugar Island Spiced Rum and Coconut Rum; Review: Single Prop Original Rum; Review: Rum Jumbie Rums and Liqueur; Sugar Skull Rum Tribal Silver $28. Sugar Island spiced rum is bottled a relatively high 92 proof with "all natural" sugars and spices. by Posted I think this could be a sipper and of course a great mixer. from In both cases, it is made from sugar cane grown in volcanic soil and distilled like a vodka and that, instead of the bottle, should get your attention. Made in California with Caribbean Rum. At 70 calories and 60 proof, Malibu Island Spiced rum is lightest spiced rum in both categories. by Palate: Again, the two diverge. ... No votes have been submitted yet for this review. But other liquors have a tendency to get the short end of the stick, if only because they command a bit less prestige. A veteran writer and journalist, he also operates Null Media, a bespoke content company. Twenty Boat Cape Cod Spiced Rum is a delicious liquor made by South Hollow Spirits at the first legal distillery on Cape Cod since Prohibition. icon and then with Don't be fooled by the mild, almost neutral scent; this rum has plenty of flavor. For me, Unsworth's historical novels are his best, the more contemporary stuff, like Sugar and Rum, never quite firing my imagination to the same degree. Island Spiced Fruits. United States Distillery: Sugar Island Rum Company. Mixing it is very nice; citrus cut the sweet some but brought out the sweet, coke added some body and took out the burn. over 3 years ago The Caribbean is the geographical region that surrounds the Caribbean Sea, between South America and North Am ... Stores and prices for 'NV Sugar Island Coconut Rum' | tasting notes, market data, prices and stores in … over 5 years ago Just as there’s a time and a place for a rum ‘n Coke or a Cuba Libre, there must be a time and a place to talk about and compare spiced rums. Joola69 Unfortunately the taste test reveals way too sweet profile, and no burn at the end at all. At a familiar 92 proof, it seems pretty clear that this stuff is meant to be positioned against the Sailor Jerry’s of the world as a slightly more “premium” spiced rum for mixing purposes. United States Enjoyed a bottle of Sugar Island Spiced rum with my friend at the conclusion of a 5,000 mile road trip across 18 States. with On the palate, heavy burnt sugar notes overwhelm with unclear, clove-and-cinnamon character backing it up. For someone who studies rum’s long history, seeing these small, simple sugar and rum-making estates is an experience that no book, no matter how detailed, can compete with. That said, Sugar Island Spiced Rum will work best mixed in a cocktail. The best way to praise Sailor Jerry’s spiced rum is to say that it’s precisely what you’d expect it to be—lighter and smoother, with well-defined notes of vanilla, toasted oak, sweet caramel and well-balanced cinnamon/molasses cookie. I love would it's right in between. Oddly, it seems the more “premium” a rum, the more sugar added. 3/4 Oz. In particular, the spicing makes this mixed drink “extra cola-y” on the nose—it reminds me of one of those craft colas that are significantly more spice-forward than mass market offerings such as Coke and Pepsi, which are designed to be sanded down to smooth approachability. Christal’s Review: Recently I reviewed Blue Chair Bay Coconut Spiced Rum and was quite impressed that it didn’t taste like sun tan lotion, and that it actually ended up making a nice well mixed drink. Nose has an excessive burn. We can't actually ship Jamaica Rum Cane Island to you in United States at the moment. Appearance: It’s hard to miss that the Sugar Island product is notably a shade or two darker than the Sailor Jerry, which implies a certain degree of caramelization/richness. sugar island spiced rum 46% abv, sugar island coconut rum 21% abv Could that be a clue? Richland Rum Brunswick is an amazing distillery. JCarter Sailor Jerry’s spiced rum is lighter and less bombastic, with clean, familiar vanilla and hints of well-balanced spice. The character is indistinct, with somewhat harsh, rubbery notes. with Overall I would recommend this rum as a mixer or with cola. United States sugar island spiced rum 46% abv, sugar island coconut rum 21% abv So let’s get to it. with The Sugar Island spiced rum, meanwhile, is considerably more unique—bigger, bolder, darker. The wonderful Georgia staff are friendly and engaging making you want to become fast friends. 27 ratings. Rum: Sugar Island Spiced. Rum: Sugar Island Coconut Awarded 91 points:The Los Angeles International Spirits Competition. 1 rating, Taste is truly different a step above other rum burn is very nice for a 92 proof you must like the burn to enjoy this rum it's a waste to put it in coke, Posted Size: 750mL. Sugar Island Coconut rum is flavored with "all natural" coconut and comes in at a sturdy 80 proof compared to many other flavored rums on the market at 60 or 70 proof. by That’s what I was thinking when opening a new bottle of Sugar Island Spiced Rum, a product of the Virgin Islands that is bottled by the Sugar Island Rum Co. of Mira Loma, CA. For being the same ABV as the Sailor Jerry, it’s notably more assertive and outright flavorful, but less balanced. Offputting artificial vanilla smell is far from pleasant. Martin They are proofed higher than the standard 40% ABV (Alcohol By Volume), with many as high as 75% (or 150 proof). There are hundreds available commercially in the United States and thousands worldwide. Thanks so much for submitting a report. by Island Company is a resort and lifestyle brand based in West Palm Beach, Fla. je_farley 66 ratings. Sugar Island Spiced Rum Review. Hmmm. Posted Unfortunately this rum isn't like some of your finer spiced rums like Bayou, The Lash or Brinley's spice but adds a good flavor to the Cuba Libre. It does work very well with a matter a fact, it seems to get better while enjoying with coke....could be the alcohol talking.
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